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Intriguing episode - maybe more to say later, but I wanted to comment on this from Twitter:
Twitter )

Meanwhile, it's going to be a too-long hiatus!
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Social Security has finally accepted that I am a citizen! What this means: starting next week they will be paying me for being disabled! Needless to say, this is an enormous relief, after being without income since Oct. 22, 2009. I'm not going on a wild spending spree or anything, but I was finally able to reimburse the friend who's been buying me groceries for the last year, and I can start seriously looking for a refrigerator (while I was away to Escapade, everything in the refrigerator froze and everything in the freezer melted, and it's been making really alarming noises for quite some time now - dunno why, it can't be more than 40 years old!). And this is the year the roof finally gets replaced! And I can contribute to the Escapade scholarship fund instead of mooching off it! And....anyhow, it is time for general rejoicing!
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First I want to send a belated Happy Birthday to the wonderful [personal profile] helenraven and [personal profile] morgandawn, both of whom are delights to know and treasures of fandom.

I've been remiss in keeping up with journals, having been led astray by evil entertaining companions on Twitter. Twitfic is a truly insidious invention and dangerously addictive.

Quick RL update - I'm still trying, so far in vain, to convince Social Security that I am a citizen and therefore deserving of the disability payments they have agreed I qualify for. It's getting worrisome but I have confidence it will be resolved sometime soon.

And FWIW Amazon is having a Gold Box Deal on the complete Farscape for $49.99 - just thought I'd mention that, since it seems like a great deal.
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, bientot sent to me...
Twelve kaleidoscopes drumming
Eleven mathematics piping
Ten songvids a-leaping
Nine wonderfalls dancing
Eight heroes a-milking
Seven oxymorons a-swimming
Six borges a-laying
Five jo-o-o-on hendricks
Four douglas adams
Three ernie kovaks
Two wim wenders
...and an opera in a polymorphous perversity.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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If only the writers will make it true - this is INSPIRED!!

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Thanks to the kindness of [personal profile] lunaris1013:

Not that it helped - my vote appears to have been the kiss of death, and I'm really depressed by the early returns. But I did want to make use of this lovely sticker!!
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I've been dying to share this ever since I had the privilege of reading it in-progress on :
Five Ways Crime Does Pay

It's a White Collar/Castle cross and the voices are just right, for the background characters as well as the focal guys, and it's just so much fun!!
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The ever-amazing Sam [personal profile] copperbadge has produced a MUST-READ:

The .doc file of J. Alfred Prufrock

I am slack-jawed with awe - it has the feel of the original with images and figures of speech at once LOL-some and lyrical. You too will be impelled to share it, I guarantee it!
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Sept. 19 - 25 is Charcot-Marie-Tooth Awareness Week so it behooves me to do my little bit to raise awareness. CMT is a hereditary peripheral neuropathy disease associated with a number of different genetic markers and different levels of impact, even in the same family. It's one of those things where there's no treatment so the only real advantage of diagnosis is having a name for what's happening, but there is research being conducted so that might change at some point. Meanwhile, for more information please see the official CMT Association website.

Oh, yeah - my brother and I are both affected. And since I see that I'm the only one on DW who lists this as an interest, boosting awareness is probably something I should be doing! :)
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See icon, borrowed from [ profile] gleeker13 on LJ - If you haven't already heard, Misha Collins is soliciting pledges for a ?marathon? run coming up very soon, raising money in support of a number of worthy causes. Since I really don't have much money to contribute, I can at least mention it to others. Check out the site The Random Act for more info.

ALSO - I've been feeling sad that there's so much slashyness in The Gates, a cheesy soap on ABC about a gated community (duh) populated by vampires, werewolves and an assortment of other beings, and I was the only one watching it. But I'm not!! The clever and talented [ profile] oxoniensis has written a story (Selectively Blind) which has brought some guilty-pleasure watchers out of the closets, and convinced others to start from scratch and watch the show.

Yes, it's cheesy and soapy and all that, and I know I've resisted similarly cheesy shows in spite of a particularly slashy pairing, but now that there's actually a good story out there I figure I can at least pass the word and let people make their own decision. Only 9 episodes have aired so there's still time!
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Happy almost-shared birtdays to the almost-wonder twins [personal profile] sherrold and [personal profile] wickedwords, both insanely talented fannish treasures, with best wishes for health (!!!), wealth and happiness in the coming year and beyond!
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Okay, I'm used to seeing actors from XXX appearing in YYY, but in last night's Burn Notice, was Uriel Vaughn wearing Castiel's overcoat?
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As a long-time listener to NPR, Daniel Schorr was a frequent and respected voice in my life. He passed away at the age of 93 after a long and diverse career in broadcast journalism. He will be missed.
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So I've spent the last week offline - for some reason my computer has timed out on everything. I could get to gmail by using the html version, and even managed to get a couple of messages out, but no blogs or anything like that. Tonight a friend brought over a tiny baby laptop (it says 'ASPIREone' on it, it's about 7"x10" and the keyboard is way smaller than my fingers!) and I'm so glad to be able to get back online again! I figured I should let people know why I've been so quiet....

I'm so grateful to [ profile] loree for giving me a Kindle, which has kept me from total withdrawal - I've been enjoying some very long fanfic (I'll try to pull together some recs) and she remains my personal goddess.

Other news - my claim for Social Security Disability has been approved and I will be getting gubmint chex as soon as (yes, really) I prove I'm a citizen. It's a little complicated, since I was born in Germany, but I'm working on it and am much encouraged by the promise of an income sometime soon.

I'm so far behind here I may never catch up - please let me know if I've missed something important!
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Happy Birthday and a heap of love to [personal profile] the_shoshanna!
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Warmest birthday wishes to [personal profile] movies_michelle whose enthusiasm and spectacular good taste are a gift to fandom that just keeps on giving!
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I know I keep saying I'll do a real post - some important things to update, in fact - but until I get a round TUIT, I just have to pass this on - the most fun part is pulling pieces back up and dropping them and watching them bounce...

Breaking Google

ETA I just noticed that the pieces still go to their appropriate connections, even while spinning across the screen or bouncing at the bottom... Probably dumb, but I have to say I find it adorable!

ETA2 The link labeled "Chrome Experiments" goes to some fun things as well.
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More content, later, I swear. Meanwhile, some interesting NPR stuff about Justified:

Walton Goggins,
"Justified" review,
Elmore Leonard,

Seriously, if you're not watching this you really really should be.
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Well, I was just checking to see if Justified had a Twitter account to follow, and didn't find one but did find a link to this interview in TV Guide with Walton Goggins which I thought was worth passing on - for one thing I hadn't even heard that it's already been renewed for a second season (for which we should all say YAY!), and to learn that as well as the fact that Boyd Crowder (Goggins' character) will be continuing on (when I first looked at IMDb it said he was in 4 episodes, then 5, now 7 - but apparently he will remain with the series).

In the article he mentions the differences between Boyd and Shane (his character in The Shield), and Boyd's relationship with Raylan (Timothy Olyphant). When we first saw them, I immediately went to the slash place (big surprise, huh?), and it sounds like I'm not the only one - from the article:

Some of Boyd and Raylan's closeness may also be tied up in Raylan's troubled history with his father, Goggins says. "All of these bones in Raylan's closet and in Boyd's closet will come tumbling out, and they're much more incestuous than one may think," he says. "These two men are intertwined on many, many different levels."

If anyone who reads this is not yet watching - the article also links to 6 reasons you should be watching - and there are others as well. Personally I really like Art, Raylan's boss, whose manner and verbal style are pure gold, and many others. Check it out - Comcast has it 'On Demand' for your viewing pleasure!

(I really do need to get me a Justified icon...)
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