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Congratulations on making it another year, [personal profile] kass! Felicitations - hope you get some good celebration out of it!

And - just up today. This is so good:
Never Happened by the always wonderful [personal profile] china_shop, short and rife with longing and whiskey and perfect characterization.
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I did something yesterday I hadn't done in three or four years - I went to a movie in a theater. I can't even remember the last one - maybe "Goodnight and Good Luck"? - it had just become too much of a challenge, getting to a theater, parking, unloading the walker and hobbling in, getting in and out of the when a friend suggested going to see "Sherlock Holmes" and offered to help with the wheelchair, I jumped (as it were) at the opportunity.

The experience was odd - I don't remember things being so vertiginous, even the 'coming attractions', and the picture was *HUGE* and the sound was so *specifically* located - the horses' hoofbeats came from *there* and the voice came from *over there* - either these things have changed or I just don't remember them correctly. Very strange!

But I did enjoy the film a lot. I'd been looking forward to seeing it for - well, ever since friends started posting links to previews, and it did not disappoint. They're so very married, and so co-dependent, and so appealing! I kept getting House/Wilson flashes - art imitating art imitating art?

So now I'm ready for the fanfic I've been avoiding for so long because I hadn't seen the film. Any recs? I'm sure there's great stuff out there - deep appreciation if you can help lead me to it!
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TwitPic from Jeff Eastin: Recording DVD commentary today with Tim & Matty (Caption as tweeted) - Tim appears to be sporting a thin moustache and snug jeans...

WCwriters tweet, "Yes, the DVD commentary includes Vital Signs."

Amazon has a listing for the DVD at $41.99 to pre-order, but no actual release date.

Obsessed much? Naw, not me.

ETA: Another TwitPic from Jeff Eastin: DVD Pilot commentary today with Tim, Tiff, Matt, me, Hannah from Fox studios and Willie
Is this not an adorable picture of the OT3 hanging out with their friends?!?
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Jeff Eastin put this on Twitter:

I just had to share - it's adorable, and it's REAL. It's apparently somewhere in Queens, and Tweeters are advocating using it as a White Collar location, which I think is a great idea!
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I decided I wanted to play along with the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2010 and even though I'm late to the party for Day 1, which was yesterday, I don't spend enough time sharing my opinions about wonderful fic, and the [ profile] collarkink is full of wonderful things - here are a few that particularly impressed me.

unfinished but well worth reading as is - the beginning made me a bit uncomfortable (PTSD from rape) but it kept getting better and better, and totally in character.

The Gift, in which Neal gives Peter a very special birthday gift.

Hold Still, an incredibly hot frisking scene.

ETA: I can't seem to make the link to LJ collarkink community...
And now I can...huh...
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USA Network has been pretty awesome about providing access to fans, and this one was amazing. Matt and Tim appeared to be having fun answering pre-screened questions (on file cards) and burst into song on several occasions - one of the questions was to Tim, 'Does Peter see Neal as a sort of wayward son?' and they instantaneously broke into duet singing it! There were lots of moments that had me laughing out loud and clutching my heart - Tim mentioned one of his fantasies would be to have Neal and Peter trapped in an elevator, Matt thought it would be cool if Neal had to pretend to be Peter and Peter pretended to be Neal - !!!!!!! Lots of singing and laughing and patting each other on the back...check it out, it WILL make you happy.

Home safe!

Mar. 1st, 2010 10:36 pm
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Escapade was wonderful - of course it was! It always is! I will say more later - I've been falling asleep off and on all day, and now I'm home and caught up on the essential email and accepting the fact that there's no way I can catch up on anything else - but I did promise a few people to verify I made it home in one piece, so here I am.

I am SO GRATEFUL to so many people for helping me get there and get around while there and for feeding me and nurturing me, I'm grateful for all the wonderful new folks I met and for the old and dear friends I saw again, for all the squeeing and passion and thought and humor and beauty - I am truly blessed to live in a world where Escapade happens.

Thank you all!
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Never seen Bonnie Hunt before, but found the link on FB and it's a cute interview:

Matt Bomer on Bonnie Hunt

**SPOILER ALERT - includes a clip from tonight's episode!**
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I wanted to take some time to think about last night's episode before making comments: Read more... )

And they want us to wait TWO WEEKS for the next episode? WAHHHHHHHHH.
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I don't normally do recs but this one is too good not to pass along:

Recreational Flirting by [personal profile] china_shop

It is hugely wonderful and hugely hot and must be read right away. That is all.
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With the help of some friends I've been able to figure it out and I will be coming to Escapade! I'm excited beyond words and so pleased to be able to attend, and hope that everyone else will be there too! I love you guys - you know who you are.

Oh, and it's White Collar night - so much joy all at once!
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USA Network will be showing all the existing episodes of White Collar starting tonight at 11, continuing through the day tomorrow and culminating with the NEW episode at 10 tomorrow. If you haven't seen this FABULOUS new show, now's your chance to catch up. Trust me, it's worth it!

(And I SO need a White Collar icon...)
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Because there's nothing much else on I'm watching old NCIS, old House, old Burn Notice, and they keep putting in extended promos for White Collar which won't be on for almost 2 weeks!!!! Aarrgghjh..... (also Leverage - they're so MEAN).
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And to all a good season...
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RL has been too much with me...and too much unpleasant. I haven't been keeping up - please let me know what I missed.

I've read a few days back and found some wonderful fic - thank you, writers!!

I can't seem to get "cut" to work, so the cut part will be in a comment below to spare those who'd rather skip over it...not interesting, move along...

Happy Hanukkah and the week before Christmas and all the other Solstice holidays I don't recall at the moment!


Oct. 12th, 2009 11:26 pm
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Today was a holiday so I decided to stay up past my bedtime to watch Castle in real time (gasp!) and just had to check up on this -

Heat Wave by Richard Castle is in fact available at Amazon - now I'm dying to see what's on page 105!

They've even set up a 'Richard Castle' author page...
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In a bit of a panic, since last night the puter kept refusing to boot with a 'Operating System Not Found' blue screen. Very thankful that it came up today, but not feeling sanguine about its ultimate health...please don't let me have killed another computer!!! (So if I fail to return, it may not just be indolence and sloth...)
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I just discovered that the old journal of the Seattle Film Society is gradually being made available on line at Parallax View - and there's even a RSS feed!

This is the journal that launched local critic Richard Jameson to national prominence editing Film Comment. It was great while it lasted and I for one am delighted to see it coming back to life, and wanted to share with other film fans.


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