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Well, I was just checking to see if Justified had a Twitter account to follow, and didn't find one but did find a link to this interview in TV Guide with Walton Goggins which I thought was worth passing on - for one thing I hadn't even heard that it's already been renewed for a second season (for which we should all say YAY!), and to learn that as well as the fact that Boyd Crowder (Goggins' character) will be continuing on (when I first looked at IMDb it said he was in 4 episodes, then 5, now 7 - but apparently he will remain with the series).

In the article he mentions the differences between Boyd and Shane (his character in The Shield), and Boyd's relationship with Raylan (Timothy Olyphant). When we first saw them, I immediately went to the slash place (big surprise, huh?), and it sounds like I'm not the only one - from the article:

Some of Boyd and Raylan's closeness may also be tied up in Raylan's troubled history with his father, Goggins says. "All of these bones in Raylan's closet and in Boyd's closet will come tumbling out, and they're much more incestuous than one may think," he says. "These two men are intertwined on many, many different levels."

If anyone who reads this is not yet watching - the article also links to 6 reasons you should be watching - and there are others as well. Personally I really like Art, Raylan's boss, whose manner and verbal style are pure gold, and many others. Check it out - Comcast has it 'On Demand' for your viewing pleasure!

(I really do need to get me a Justified icon...)
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