Mar. 19th, 2010

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I did something yesterday I hadn't done in three or four years - I went to a movie in a theater. I can't even remember the last one - maybe "Goodnight and Good Luck"? - it had just become too much of a challenge, getting to a theater, parking, unloading the walker and hobbling in, getting in and out of the when a friend suggested going to see "Sherlock Holmes" and offered to help with the wheelchair, I jumped (as it were) at the opportunity.

The experience was odd - I don't remember things being so vertiginous, even the 'coming attractions', and the picture was *HUGE* and the sound was so *specifically* located - the horses' hoofbeats came from *there* and the voice came from *over there* - either these things have changed or I just don't remember them correctly. Very strange!

But I did enjoy the film a lot. I'd been looking forward to seeing it for - well, ever since friends started posting links to previews, and it did not disappoint. They're so very married, and so co-dependent, and so appealing! I kept getting House/Wilson flashes - art imitating art imitating art?

So now I'm ready for the fanfic I've been avoiding for so long because I hadn't seen the film. Any recs? I'm sure there's great stuff out there - deep appreciation if you can help lead me to it!


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