Mar. 3rd, 2010

bientot: I tried, but she made it so much better! (WC N&P)
USA Network has been pretty awesome about providing access to fans, and this one was amazing. Matt and Tim appeared to be having fun answering pre-screened questions (on file cards) and burst into song on several occasions - one of the questions was to Tim, 'Does Peter see Neal as a sort of wayward son?' and they instantaneously broke into duet singing it! There were lots of moments that had me laughing out loud and clutching my heart - Tim mentioned one of his fantasies would be to have Neal and Peter trapped in an elevator, Matt thought it would be cool if Neal had to pretend to be Peter and Peter pretended to be Neal - !!!!!!! Lots of singing and laughing and patting each other on the back...check it out, it WILL make you happy.
bientot: I tried, but she made it so much better! (WC N&P)
I decided I wanted to play along with the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2010 and even though I'm late to the party for Day 1, which was yesterday, I don't spend enough time sharing my opinions about wonderful fic, and the [ profile] collarkink is full of wonderful things - here are a few that particularly impressed me.

unfinished but well worth reading as is - the beginning made me a bit uncomfortable (PTSD from rape) but it kept getting better and better, and totally in character.

The Gift, in which Neal gives Peter a very special birthday gift.

Hold Still, an incredibly hot frisking scene.

ETA: I can't seem to make the link to LJ collarkink community...
And now I can...huh...


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