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See icon, borrowed from [ profile] gleeker13 on LJ - If you haven't already heard, Misha Collins is soliciting pledges for a ?marathon? run coming up very soon, raising money in support of a number of worthy causes. Since I really don't have much money to contribute, I can at least mention it to others. Check out the site The Random Act for more info.

ALSO - I've been feeling sad that there's so much slashyness in The Gates, a cheesy soap on ABC about a gated community (duh) populated by vampires, werewolves and an assortment of other beings, and I was the only one watching it. But I'm not!! The clever and talented [ profile] oxoniensis has written a story (Selectively Blind) which has brought some guilty-pleasure watchers out of the closets, and convinced others to start from scratch and watch the show.

Yes, it's cheesy and soapy and all that, and I know I've resisted similarly cheesy shows in spite of a particularly slashy pairing, but now that there's actually a good story out there I figure I can at least pass the word and let people make their own decision. Only 9 episodes have aired so there's still time!


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